Welcome to the Corpus of Spoken Rusyn interface!

The Corpus of Spoken Rusyn Language is a collection of Rusyn vernacular speech from different regions of the Carpathians. The recordings were made in Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Hungary in 2015. The corpus is a result of the DFG-funded research project “Rusyn as a minority language across state borders: quantitative perspectives” at the University of Freiburg, Germany. For further information on the project, please visit http://www.russinisch.uni-freiburg.de.

Principal investigator, specifications: 
Achim Rabus

Overall concept, specifications, consulting:
Ruprecht von Waldenfels (Cracow, Berkeley)

Michał Woźniak (Cracow)
Based on previous work by Simon Škilevič and Ruprecht von Waldenfels

Andrianna Schimon, Moulay Zaidan Lahjouji-Seppälä

Hanna Bondareva, Zdenka Citriaková, Anna Maślana, Yuriy Remestvenskyy, Andrianna Schimon